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On Satyrus, the King Sazuke is being updated by Valens Fortis about their progress in finding Kidate.
The king sits looking at the communicator Arthur called him on. Valens had figured out the signature and adapted a spell to use it too.
“None of the Amakura townspeople had information on Kidate. However, the further we travelled into the land, the more our search looked brighter.” Valens explains to his king.
“How so, Sir Fortis?” Sazuke asks.
“More than a few men spoke of other men who witnessed strange noises to the North.” Valens explains. “We have traversed the mountain now, and we head for the Sapiunt settlement now.”
“Such progress you have made!” The king exclaims.
“I hope that Danielson may know more.” Valens thinks aloud.
“We can only hope. How is the search in the other three groups going?” Sazuke asks.
“Not as well as ours, I received a message from Praepes not long ago.” Valens tells Sazuke. “It would seem that north is our direction.”
Praepes is the name give to Valen’s pet bird. It is a falcon that he used to deliver and send messages to others. Very well trained, Praepes is able to understand spoken commands by his master.
“Good to hear, Valens. Is there any more news?” Sazuke asks.
“No, my lord, not as of now, though I will inform you promptly if there is.” Valens says.
“Good work, keep it up.” Sazuke tells his knight.
“Yes, milord.” Valens answers, and the line is cut.
King Sazuke sits on his throne and stares into the air, thinking about the events that have unfolded, and that will unfold.
It is not long before he receives another phone call in the box like cell phone.
“Yes, what is it?” Sazuke asks, eagerly expecting Valens.
“Lord Sazuke, It’s Glory!” the device says as Charlie pops up on the hologram.
“Ambassador! I was not expecting you to call.” Lords Sazuke says with enjoyment.
“It’s not often that I do call.” Charlie says.
“Yes, I think you need to more often.” Sazuke muses.
“I’d hate to ruin the moment, but I’m getting everyone on the same page.” Charlie gets to the point.
“Fair enough, what is new?” Sazuke asks.
“I have just prepared the Solidarity Fleet for what could potentially happen, Travis has done so with the Space forces as well. Arthur, too, has taken flight with the Agency and is headed for the shadow of Pluto, as the edge of NGM Space.” Charlie explains.
“What about the Ambassador of Amazing?” Sazuke asks.
“As far as I know, he is headed for Satyrus now. He plans on landing in your back yard, so you should make the preparations for his arrival.” Charlie explains.
“Well, it’s a good thing you called! What is Gareth flying here?” Sazuke asks.
“Three small ships, no big deal.” Charlie informs the king.
“Yes, that will be no problem.” The king replies.
There is an awkward pause between the two.
“Well, Lord Sazuke, I will let you know if more information arises.” Charlie says.
“Thank you, Ambassador.” Sazuke says.
The call is ended, and King Sazuke continues to stare into space.
Sir Valens is nearing the Sapiunt settlement. It is a four house village on the edge of the know land. Any farther north is entering uncharted lands.
A man chopping wood outside of the first building sees the small army of men approaching.
He set aside his axe to greet them.
“Greetings, men of the king.” The man says, “What brings you to this small settlement?”
Valens steps forward.
“We are here for the son of Daniel Sapiunt.” Valens tells the man.
“That is I.” The man says.
“I am Valens Fortis of the royal army.” Valens says to the man.
“And I David Sapiunt.” He says, worried about these men.
“We are here looking for a girl.” Valens says.
“There are girls here, yes.” David informs Valens.
“We are looking for Kidate, proposes wife of the Ambassador of Awesome.” Valens says.
David’s eye brows rise.
“The Ambassador of Awesome?” He repeats, looking at the men for Travis.
“He is not with us.” Valens says. “Kidate has been kidnapped, and we are on a quest to retrieve her.”
“From the Ambassador of Awesome?” David asks in disbelief.
“Aye, have you any information of value?” Valens asks.
David takes a few moments to think.
“I cannot say that I have.” David says.
“Thank you for your time, Son of Daniel Sapiunt.” Valens says, and bows. “We will not be bothering you any more.”
“It is nothing, Sir Fortis.” Daniel says as the army marches on.
David steps aside to let the army pass, giving them plenty of room to walk through the settlement.
As the last man passes David, he remembers something a wandering satyr told him a day or two ago.
“Oh say, excuse me?” David shouts to the man at the end of the line.
The soldier turns around to engage David.
“Yes, civilian, what is it?” the soldier asks.
“I heard from a little bird about a strange house in the wastelands beyond the rocky hills in the distance. Maybe that helps you.” David says to the soldier.
“I see, thank you civilian. You make your kingdom proud.”
David nods as the soldier runs off to catch up to the group.
This soldier runs as quickly as he can to Valens to give the news.
“Sir Valens.” he calls as he approaches.
Valens turns to see who it is, but keep walking in the lead.
“Yes, what is it?” Valens asks.
“Danielson mentioned a strange house beyond the ridge yonder.” The soldier said.
Valens is surprised by the news.
“A house beyond the Sapiunt settlement?” He asks himself. “Not a structure of the kingdom, surely. Thank you.”
The soldier, once dismissed, waits on the side of the path for the army to pass, and slips in the back of the pack.
“First five, scout ahead, check out that ridge.” Valens commands his army.
“Yes sir!” The first five soldiers say, and then run off ahead of the group to check it out.
A while later, and a ways up the path two men return to meet up with Valens.
“Sir Valens, Danielson was correct, there is a house beyond the ridge. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before.” The one soldier relays to Valens.
“Where are the other three men?” Valens asks.
“They stayed to keep watch over the house. It gave off a strange aura.” The soldier says.
“Understood, you two can rest here until the back of my group.” Valens tells the two scouts.
The two scouts move aside and find a place to sit while the group heads on by.
“Double time, men.” Valens orders his army, and they begin to run.
Sir Fortis decided to call Sazuke again, and casts the spell to connect.
“Hello?” Sazuke sounds eager.
“My lord, I bring news.” Valens says.
“Good, good! You are running?” Sazuke asks.
“Yes milord, we have received word of a strange house beyond the charted lands.” Valens says.
“A house? I gave no permission to build a house there.” Sazuke says.
“Those where my thoughts precisely, my king.” Valens says.
“What is it doing there?” Sazuke asks.
“I am unsure. I sent my men ahead to investigate, and they found a house does indeed exist there. My army is making great progress to check it out.” Valens says.
“This is good news, I’ll send this information out to NGM.” Sazuke says.
“My mighty lord, forgive me, but I think it is premature to send this information on. It is just an unpermitted house, as far as we know.” Valens says to his king.
The king is silent for a few moments, thinking.
“Yes. You are correct, proceed, and let me know if this brings something to the table.” Sazuke commands.
“Yes, your highness.” Valens replies, and ends the call.
Valens turns his attention to the army.
“I am going to go on ahead, I will see you there.” Valens says.
Valens Fortis places his hand on the chest plate of his armor, preparing to cast a spell as he runs.
“Incussus est ex luce, ferro, ligno, et libertatem a virtute Angeli volucrum fuga mutuom!” Valens chants, then jumps into the air.
Pulling back his arms and legs, he floats above the ground, still moving from his momentum. Gravity should pull him back down now, but he remains in the air. Pushing his arms forward and his legs back, he lifts off into the sky and takes flight.
Above the trees and in the air, he makes quick progress over the land to reach the side of the large hill.
The trees end at the edge of this particular hill, and the side of it is covered in sharps, dark colored rocks. These rocks are made from erupting volcanoes, and are strange things to find here.
Valens reaches the side of the steep hill, and lands on its rocky surface half way up. He can see his men in their blue armor clearly up the hill.
He focuses his attention to the rock, instead.
“What sort of land is this?” he asks himself.
“Valens!” His fellow soldier calls.
Sir Valens looks up to his comrades, and begins to climb the steep rise.
One soldier stands at the top, with one leg on the ledge of the hill and his helmet held at his waist. He can plainly see the house from where he is. The other two soldiers sit nearby, just under the peak of the hill.
“I am coming, Don.” Valens says to the standing soldier, Don.
Don, a mighty soldier, unbreakably loyal to the king, has made a grave mistake. Not only has he placed himself in sight of the enemy, he is not wearing his helmet, which would protect him from any weapon.
Don’s helmet falls from his grip, and he collapses without warning. The man rolls down the hill like a limp doll until Valens finally stops his lifeless body.
“Don!” Valens says to the soldier. “What is it? What has happened?”
Valens lays his comrade down on the slope, only to reveal that he has been shot through the back of the head.
“Lord in Heaven!” One of the other soldiers cries out.
“Don! No!” Valens also cries out.
Don was a fellow soldier, a comrade, and a friend, and the first of the Amakura Army has fallen. As his helmet rolls down the hill, Valens is quick to weep for his fellow man.
“You were a valiant soldier, Don Audax.” Valens says to the dead soldier, closing his eyes. “Your death will not be in vein. If it’s a battle they want, a defeat they will get.”
Valens stands up from Don, and learning from his comrade’s mistake, places his helmet firmly on his head.
Valens climbs the rest of the way to stand at the top of the hill, showing courage to the enemy. His armor is strong, and his confidence is high. No bullet can harm him now.
Finally, it is clear to Valens Fortis what kind of land this is.
From the hill he stands on, to the far reaches of the horizon is all dead land. The lush green prairies and forest of the Amakura kingdom end here, and endless black ash covers the ground. The area is pot marked and scorched, and what little trees that exist there are all dead and bleached out by the sun. This is truly a wasteland, however, one particular thing is out of place.
A mile into the wasteland sits a house. It is of modern Earthly construction and painted yellow. Not touched by the death of the ground, this two story building appears to be a safe haven in a desert.
“I see now why this land is uncharted.” Valens spits.
“We aren’t going to let them take Don’s life and get away with it, are we?” one soldier asks.
“Have patience, brother. Justice will be brought to these men.” Valens says.
Another shot hits Valens dead in the forehead, however, this time, it is not deadly. The bullet hits the helmet and breaks apart, merely pushing Valens’s head back a little.
Having seen enough, Valens takes cover again.
“Smokeless powder. I couldn’t tell where it came from.” Sir Valens says about the bullet.
He wanted to get hit. It would help him learn about the enemy, and it worked.
“Arthur was right about these men. They have technology far too advanced for Satyrus.” Valens tells his comrades.
“What are we going to do, Sir Fortis?” One asks.
“We will wait for the remaining men to arrive, but for now, lay Don to rest.” Valens says finding a seat on a builder.
“Yes sir.” They both say, each getting up to scramble down the hill after Don.
Valens takes this time to devise a strategy, meanwhile, Gareth has entered the atmosphere of Satyrus, and is on his landing approach at the Amakura Castle.
The three light jets hover in the air above the castle, waiting for a place to land. Quickly, a group of soldiers race out to guide them, and soon, all three light jets have landed in the gardens of the Amakura Castle.
Gareth and his men hop out, and are greeted by the soldiers.
“It is an honor to finally have you here, Ambassador of Amazing.” A soldier says.
“It is an honor to be here. Fancy place, much nicer than I have heard.” Gareth compliments.
“Thank you, sir. Is there anything that you need assistance with?” the solider asks.
“Ah, yes.” Gareth says, reaching into the light jet and pulling out one of his suit cases.
“Take this one and set it somewhere in the throne room.” Gareth says, handing it to the soldier.
“What about the other?” The soldier asks.
“I’ll carry this one.” Gareth says, and follows the soldier into the castle.
Gareth and his men arrive at the throne room, where the king graciously welcomes them.
“Ambassador of Amazing, and company!” Sazuke says, standing up from his throne. “I have heard much about you.”
The soldier places Gareth’s the suit case on a nearby table.
“As have we. It is a pleasure to meet you, King Sazuke.” Gareth says, extending a hand shake.
“Of course, all I have heard is good.” Sazuke smiles, accepting the handshake.
The mood was generally happy in the throne room, but little did they know that elsewhere on Satyrus, a bloodshed was about to unfold.
Valens’s army has arrived at the hill, and have met the two soldiers at the bottom. The two men have just completed Don’s make shift grave, covering him in the  loose rocks that line the hillside.
“What has taken place here?” the first man in the line of soldiers asks upon seeing the grave.
“Don Audax rests with Odin now.” The burrier says.
The men of the army are shocked at this development, and each begin to speak to each other.
“Who could have done this?” One asks.
“We need more men” Another panics.
Chaos is beginning to ensue, never before was an Amakuran soldier killed so easily.
“Men of the Amakuran Army.” Valens speaks up to his men.
Valens has begun walking back down the hill, removing his helmet to address them.
“Fret not, we are a powerful army.” He says to them. “Don had made a terrible mistake and revealed himself to the enemy without his armor worn in full.”
Valens stops halfway down to the hill to address them all. He holds out his helmet to show the army.
“This is the difference between life and death.” Valens says. “Without it, we are strong fighters and powerful soldiers. We do not fear any enemy. Let Don’s death be the motivation we have to carry on and defeat all who stand before us.”
Valens holds the helmet above his head.
We are indeed strong, however, with this simple piece of armor.” Valens continues, slowly lowering his helmet onto his head. “We are invincible.”
These words bring up the moral of the soldier, and they shout in excitement for battle. Don’s death was unfortunate, and all of the men feel the pain, however, with their comrade fallen, each and every man there desired to rip their enemy’s throat out.
“My men, we will charge into the valley beyond this mound of dirt, and bring victory to our names.” Valens says, and turns to lead his army into battle.
The men follow, and charge up the hill as if it were nothing. The decent on the opposite side proved to be even less challenging, aiding the men in their charge toward the house.
With a swiftly advancing army, the unassuming house opens it’s windows, and displays gun turrets far more advance than Satyrus should allow.
Sir Valens Fortis draws his weapon and unleashes a mighty shockwave of destructive energy toward the house.
The energy sent hurdling toward the fragile yellow cladding is stopped in all of it’s momentum by a powerful force field dome. This force field, just like the guns, are far too advanced.
Valens begins to regret leading his men into battle, his own desires getting the better of him. It was too late now, however. His men felt the same way he did, and there was no stopping them from reaching to the throat of the man who killed their fellow soldier, Don.
With a heaven shaking roar, them men cried out in anger as they charged, ready to storm the peaceful looking home.
Fire flew from the tips of the guns as a rain of lead fell upon the soldiers of Amakura. Their armor was strong, and withheld the heavy metal for harming the wearer.
Valens pointed his blade at the house, and shot another shockwave of energy. Again, the blast was deflected.
The mighty knight, Valens, now realized his own grave mistake.
Filled with pride to repay his debt to Travis, overcome with anger for the death of a noble knight, overwhelmed with vengeance, Valens charged into a gun battle with a knife.
Their armor was strong, but not perfect. The rain of lead found weak spots in the armor, and the second of the Amakura army fell. Down, into the mud of this scorched dirt, a second soldier fell.
“I can not give in this close.” Valens thinks to himself. “Kidate must be in that house.”
As men fell around him, Valens continued to charge. He has led his men to death, and he wishes the same upon himself, for it is the most honorable path for him now.
Maybe if he showed his valiance now, the gods will have mercy on his damned soul.
“The powers of heaven, the might of the world, the unstoppable force of the sun, the inevitable darkness, unite into one being so that life can continue to exist.” Valens chants to cast a spell.
Before Valens can unleash his most powerful magic, technology beats it to the punch. One bullet finds a joint in his armor, and rips into his unprotected knee.
The soldier Valens shouts out in agony and anger, he is just a few short meter away for his enemy.
Determined to fight, Valens rises once again. With his leg now crippled, running is out of the question. He continues his charge, limping slowly along.
“Come on! Show me what you are made of!” Valens shouts “I am here for Kidate, and I will not leave this world until I see her back in Travis’s arms.”
These words he speaks, not for his enemy, but for Kidate. Maybe, if Kidate is in that house, and maybe, if she was still alive, she would hear the words Valens spoke to her. He shouts them out to her so that she would know that the universe is searching for her, and that alone will give her the strength to keep going.
Alas, there was no way of telling, for the sound of the machine guns was too loud.
The guns soon turn there attention to Valens, concentrating their fire on the sole man.
Pinned down, he falls on his broken knee, holding his arm up to block the hellfire of heavy metal.
With one last spell, Valens creates a force field to protect himself. It will not last long and only holds off the inevitable for a short while.
Valens glares through his helmet at the enemy, anger and regret fills his heart.
“If only I could have reached you, princess.” He says to himself, and admitted defeat.
Valens closes his eyes and takes his final moments to find peace within his heart. He takes his rage and dissolves it. He takes his anger and throws it away. He takes his regret and he tosses it out.
Valens’s shield falls, and the bullets fall onto him like a million hammers. He does not feel the pain. He does not feel the hot metal tear into his ever exposed armor. Sound seems to disappear, though it is just to abundance of sound that drowns everything out.
All Valens feels is the silent hand of death grab him, and pull him away.
It was not death, however that grabbed him.
Two soldier of his army cast the right spells to spare themselves their lives, and now grab Sir Valens Fortis by the arm.
With a mighty heave, they pull him behind their impenetrable force fields, and cast one last spell.
“Return us home.” Valens can hear one say over the ringing in his ears.
Suddenly, everything is silent to Valens, and he feels as if he has reached heaven.
“Valens!” he hears a voice call.
He opens his eyes to see nothing but light.
“Valens!” The voice calls again.
He recognizes the voice. It is not heavenly, but that of his king. Snapping back to reality, he realizes where he is now.
He is in the throne room of the castle, laying in the sunlight of the sky light.
Valens’s armor still smokes from the heat of the bullets, and the two other soldiers sit on either side of him, worn out and battle damaged as well.
“Mighty Sir Valens, what has happened to you?” Lord Sazuke cries while kneeling down to his fallen soldier.
Gareth and his men gather around to see the wounded soldier.
At first, Valens felt anger for not dying in battle, and was going to shout out. He took a moment to think to himself, and realized that he was spared for a reason.
“I found peace with myself, and look forward to death, however, it look like the gods have a different plan for me.” Valens says, struggling to speak.
Valens removes his helmet.
“Our army was destroyed.” One soldier says.
Gareth looks into the mind of the soldier, and sees the horrid events that took place in the wasteland.
Gareth is the only member of NGM that has the ability to read minds, and only uses it when he needs to.
“What?!” Sazuke shouts. “What monstrous army did you face?”
“Monstrous in power, not size.” Valens says.
“What do you mean?” Sazuke asks.
More soldier gather around in horror to the state of their comrades armor and bodies.
“We charged against faceless men. Taken down by their guns, we were unable to harm them.” Valens explains. “They had guns from his world”
Valens points at Gareth.
“A force field too.” Valens says. “The technology they had was too advanced for our world, my lord. Smokeless gun powder, as well.”
Sazuke turns to Gareth, searching for an answer in him.
“Is Kidate there?” Gareth asks.
It was a strange thing to ask, right of the bat. Given the situation, they were all there because of her, and she was their ultimate goal.
“I can not confirm this.” Valens says. “Yet, she has to be.”
Gareth nods at Valens.
“I’d like to check it out myself.” Gareth says, then turns to one of his men. “Prepare my stuff.”
Valens was not down with Gareth.
“Ambassador.” Valens calls.
Gareth turns back to the knight.
Valens sits up and tries to stand, but he struggles. He unhooks his heavy armor, it falling to the floor with a loud clang.
With the help of a few fresh soldier, he is able to stand up and address Gareth.
“The weight of my army is on my shoulders, however, there is one that I seek vengeance for.” Valens says.
He unties his knife’s sheath, and offers it to Gareth.
“I understand that what you call a sniper took my comrade Don’s life.” Valens says. “I can think of no one better to take his life than you.”
Valens had a point, Gareth is one of NGM’s best snipers.
“Knowing your type of battle, you may not need this. I want you to carry it with you, may it give you the courage you need.” Valens says to Gareth, placing the knife in his hand.
“Sir Valens, I am honored with such a request.” Gareth says. “I will unsure that the man who killed your comrade is brought to justice.”
Feeling a surge of anger for the enemy again, Valens grabs Gareth’s shirt and pulls him in, getting close to his face.
“Whatever form of justice you bring to the enemy, I want you to show no mercy.” Valens says, slowly releasing Gareth.
Gareth places his hand on Valens shoulder.
“I promise you, Valens, that Don will be avenged to the fullest extent of my power.” Gareth ensures Valens.
Valens looks into Gareth’s eyes, and sees his passion. It was the same passion he has seen before. All Ambassadors seem to have it. Valens looked into Travis’s eyes, and saw his passion, and into Charlie’s eyes, and saw his passion as well.
It’s the sort of passion that instills trust into the soul.
Valens smiles to his new found comrade, and back away.
“Let us rest.” Valens says to the two soldiers who saved him.
With that, the remaining men of Valens army heads out, off to seek medical aid, and with it, Valens has served his duty.
Here is the 13th chapter in my epic.
I actually divided this into two chapters, the original one was WAY too long, and held two significant events.
Divided into two, it made this section much easier.
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Fainalotea Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh. I LOVED this chapter! And I seriously am seeing Valens in a brighter light more and more. He is so majestic and heroic! I nearly cried when I saw the part he almost died!

I think Kidate maybe did hear it. A faint echo from her cell that aroused her senses and awoke her from a depressed trance. 
It is a touching story, truly, how the son of someone who had abused Kidate the most is so willing to save her and bring her back to Travis. Valens has become one of my mot favorite characters of the story :heart:

The "are you giving birth" joke from the first chapters is still making me giggle, by the way. The humor and bond between Valens and Sazuke really warms my heart in this story.
rioross Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
That's how I wanted Valens to be. Noble, honorable, and above all else, unmoving, like the immovable object. I want him to be the most valiant character I have, in fact, that is what his name means. Valens means strong, and Fortis means valiant.
He is one who will fight for his people, even as he looses limbs in battle
Maybe it is because of his fathers injustice that he searches for some sort of retribution. Or it could be that he fights for all ultimate justice.
Whatever the case, Valens has well and truly earned his place in heaven. Someone who will have monuments built for him.
Fainalotea Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww...yeah I totally agree!
Kidate use to fear him, and still kind of does. However, after this chapter, I think she is in her cell pondering about her past negative feelings for him, and fearing that he may have been killed in whatever battle is took place, outside!
rioross Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
i should Rp with Valens and some other character of someones. i think I would be interesting.
Fainalotea Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it would be interesting, too.
Shall I toss in a character to offer him to meet?
rioross Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
*nods vigorously*
Fainalotea Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How about...someone who can sprout wings fly at will?
Who can transform into a typical knight's worst enemy?
Someone dangerous, yet hiding something warmer underneath the fire?

a dragoness, perhaps? dragon form
rioross Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hmm, it is a choice.
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